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WSS 2018: The 90th Year - Stephanie Fortunato

This event has ended.

Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 02:00 PM until 03:30 PM
Griswold House , Ilgenfritz Gallery

Event Details :
Online tickets are not available.

"Art in Public Places"

Why install art in public spaces? What is its cultural impact on the community and how is the public interest balanced with the art itself? What is public art anyway, and what makes one form more resonant than another? Join Stephanie Fortunato, Director of the Providence Department of Art, Culture + Tourism, as she explains how integrating arts and culture into community life helps support the development of a vibrant and creative city. She will share lessons from Providence’s recent public art master planning process, how it will be implemented, and the campaign’s importance to showcasing Providence as an international cultural destination.