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WSS 2018: The 90th Year - Sarah Coffin

This event has ended.

Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 02:00 PM until 03:30 PM
Griswold House , Ilgenfritz Gallery

Event Details :
Online tickets are not available.

“Jazz Age Design: America Goes Global Then and Now”

Coined “the Jazz Age” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the 1920s was a period of innovation, with a new tempo in music, art and design. With the end of World War I, international travel resumed. New social mores created new freedoms including the women’s right to vote, the birth of jazz and nightclubs, new fashions and jewelry designs. Americans travelled to and studied in Paris where abstract art led to abstract design at the same time that well-trained and innovative emigré designers from the economically strapped Germany and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire came to America for patronage. Admirers of both Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and the New York skyscraper, European designers collaborated with their new American colleagues. The result was Art Deco style; still appealing, collectible, and a source of inspiration for contemporary designers today.